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BandLab’s vision is simple: A future where there are no boundaries to making and sharing music. Founded in 2015, BandLab is the next-generation social music creation platform on a mission to break down the technical, geographic, and creative barriers for musicians and fans. Free-to-use, the mobile-first cross-platform DAW and social ...

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Meg Banich

BandLab Introduces Boost: Creators Can Now Boost Their Profile and Posts to Millions of Global Users

BandLab creators have the potential to reach millions of users within the BandLab network through a new feature, Boost. With Boost, users can now take their profiles and posts and turn them into featured ads in prominent spots on BandLab, to get in front of more artists and fans on a daily basis.

Boost is another avenue of discovery and promotion through the BandLab platform, similar to campaigns an artist may buy on a social platform like Instagram or Facebook. As the world’s leading social music creation platform, BandLab encourages networking and sharing within their rapidly expanding community of music creators and music lovers, all excited and open to discovering new music and artists.

Boost is available in two forms - Boost Post, a la carte for boosting posts, and Boost Membership, for always-on profile boosting. With Boost Membership now comes access to BandLab Opportunities via ReverbNation, an opportunity for creators to submit their music directly to key industry heavyweights, including editorial opportunities with Billboard and The FADER, partnerships with MONO, live music events such as SummerFest, and more.

Boost Post allows a creator to boost a single post to gain more likes, plays, and interactions, without a membership. The creator can pick their budget and length in days their boost will be active, and proceed with a one-time payment to get their campaign live.

Creators will also receive analytics tools throughout their campaign with Boost Insights, where they can analyze performance by monitoring engagement and impression metrics. Boost Membership costs $14.99 USD a month, available to all worldwide users. Creators can also subscribe annually at a discounted rate, $149.99 USD. Boost Post campaigns start at $1 a day.

“We’ve seen some exciting developments in the BandLab community. From independent artist Duncan Daniels’ feature in The FADER as part of BandLab Opportunities, to BandLab user d4vd’s single hitting the charts on Billboard’s Hot 100 and recent signing to Darkroom/Interscope Records,” says BandLab Co-Founder and CEO Meng Ru Kuok. “We’re devoted to continuous artist growth and development through BandLab, however the artist imagines their journey.”

Boost is currently rolling out worldwide for both mobile and web platforms.