Press Clipping
BandLab Celebrates Growth With $60,000 Creator Grant Initiative

Social music creation platform, BANDLAB, is celebrating its 20 million user growth in the last year by putting together a $60,000 Creator Grant initiative designed to spur and maintain the growth trajectory of the SINGAPORE-based platform for artists/producers. BANDLAB wants to acknowledge and help creators develop as they take the next step in sharing their music and acquiring the necessary resources to further themselves and their music as a business in the form of a new initiative, Creator Grant.

BANDLAB CEO & Co-founder, MENG RU KUOK said, "Our goal with Creator Grant is to support and further creator development by giving funds for them to invest in their own creative process. We see this potentially funding production equipment or a new instrument, social ads or a marketing campaign. There’s absolutely no obligation from BANDLAB as to content ownership, we are just truly here to support the creator in their journey."

KUOK went on to say, "We set out to democratize music creation and give people with an interest in creating music the opportunity to do so and to thrive while doing it. We feel we’re still just getting started but are extremely proud of having brought 50M people together to enjoy the music-making process."