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BandLab’s SongStarter is an AI-powered tool that will kickstart the songwriting process for you

Social music creation platform BandLab have launched SongStarter, a free A.I.-powered composition tool that promises to kickstart the songwriting process for musicians struggling to overcome the empty page.

Built in collaboration with Google on TensorFlow, SongStarter generates beats, melodies, and chord progressions from scratch based on input from its user, presenting different takes on the same composition for a choice of moods. It offers various arrangements, keys and tempos for an idea, from which users can select the style that suits them best. The best part is that all the patterns created by SongStarter are available for users to keep, royalty-free.

The interface of SongStarter starts with a dice icon, which users can ‘roll’ to generate ideas at random. To guide the tool’s algorithm, users also have the option to enter up to 50 characters’ worth of lyrics (and even emojis) if desired. Next, SongStarter will generate three new musical ideas, each slightly different from the last. Once the ideas are presented, users can then test out different moods for each one by clicking a button displaying day, dusk, and night icons.

“We are thrilled to launch SongStarter. It is like having inspiration on-demand,” says BandLab CEO Meng Ru Kuok. “Our team designed just the solution for those personal ‘eureka’ moments. SongStarter is fun to experiment with and serves as a resource that creators can keep coming back to again and again. The musical possibilities are endless.”

Combining social media with music production tools and a distribution channel BandLab is well-positioned to introduce a tool like SongStarter. With over 40 million users, the platform boasts its own DAW, online mastering services, sample and loop libraries, direct-to-consumer distribution and much more.