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BandLab launches AI-powered music idea generator

Singaporean social music creation platform BandLab has launched a new feature called SongStarter, an AI-powered tool that helps music makers create ideas for new songs directly on the platform.

SongStarter is now available on desktop browsers and the BandLab mobile app. It was developed using Google’s TensorFlow machine-learning system. The tool generates beats, melodies and chord progressions based on user input. The patterns generated are free for users to keep and can be used as a point of departure for sketching melodies, songwriting, rapping and more.

“We are thrilled to launch SongStarter. It is like having inspiration on demand,” BandLab CEO and co-founder Meng Ru Kuok said. “Our team designed just the solution for those personal ‘eureka’ moments. SongStarter is fun to experiment with and serves as a resource that creators can keep coming back to again and again. The musical possibilities are endless.”

To use the tool, BandLab users should navigate to the SongStarter dash and click on the dice icon. Users can enter up to 50 characters of lyrics and emojis for more customised results, although the app does not require any initial input. Within seconds, SongStarter will generate three new different musical ideas.

Users can then experiment with different moods for each idea by clicking a button with day, dusk and night icons, which offer different keys, instrumentals and beats per minute for the same composition. Creators can open the selected idea in the BandLab platform’s Mix Editor and tweak it, or they can keep rolling the SongStarter dice until they get their ideal result.

The company says the tool marks its foray into AI-powered tools to assist music makers. It supports BandLab’s mission to breaking down barriers to music creation. BandLab now boasts more than 40 million users ranging from emerging creators to Grammy-winning producers.