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Introducing BandLab SongStarter, a source for that creative spark

For music makers, inspiration is elusive sometimes, so BandLab have added to their online arsenal with Songstarter. This useful tool provides a versatile source of ideas to kickstart the songwriting process. In essence, BandLab Songstarter is an AI-powered generator that is integrated into the BandLab online platform.

How does BandLab SongStarter work?

There are 2 ways in which you can put the AI to work generating ideas. Rolling the dice activates a randomizer that brings you 3 variations using the same sound palette. Each of these variations can then be further tweaked with the sun icon on the bottom left. This way you can alter the mood or feel to fit a particular time of day which 3 different options, day, sunset, or night. The second input method gives you the power to insert lyrics or text-based keywords into the generator. With a maximum of 50 characters or emojis possible, this option will produce far more customized results.

SongStarter has been designed with Google on TensorFlow, allowing users to keep spawning new building blocks for their songs with a combination of beats, melodies, and progressions. Patterns are royalty-free and can be exported directly into BandLab Mix Editor, BandLab’s online DAW, for further realization.

Meng Ru Kuok, the BandLab CEO and Co-Founder said “We are thrilled to launch SongStarter. It is like having inspiration on-demand. Our team designed just the solution for those personal ‘eureka’ moments. SongStarter is fun to experiment with and serves as a resource that creators can keep coming back to again and again. The musical possibilities are endless.”

As a creative tool, SongStarter is the first AI-assisted engine used on the constantly growing BandLab platform. Now over 40 million users strong, you can share your creations with the community and find new ways to collaborate online.