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BandLab gets into AI music with new SongStarter feature

BandLab wants to give its users an AI helping hand in creating music, and has launched a feature called ‘SongStarter‘ to do it.

Described as “a musical idea generator powered by artificial intelligence”, it was built using Google’s TensorFlow machine-learning system, and generates beats, melodies and chord changes for BandLab users to work with in their tracks.

They can click a virtual dice to spit out some sounds, or prompt the system with up to 50 characters of lyrics and emojis.

BandLab says this is just “the start” of its expansion into AI-powered music-making tools.

It’s a significant moment, because at a stroke BandLab has become one of the biggest platforms putting AI music tools into the hands of musicians, given its more than 40 million users.