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BandLab Technologies rebrands as Caldecott Music Group

BandLab Technologies is no more. Or, rather, BandLab Technologies is now a division of BandLab Technologies. Except it’s not. It’s a division of the Caldecott Music Group. What’s that? It’s the new name for BandLab Technologies. But not the new name for BandLab Technologies. Which is still called BandLab Technologies. And is a division of the Caldecott Music Group. Is that all clear? Good.

So, yes, Singapore-based BandLab Technologies – owner of the BandLab music creation platform and various music magazines, among other things – has announced a rebrand and a rejig. The company will now be know as the Caldecott Music Group, which will have three main divisions: BandLab Technologies, Vista Musical Instruments and NME Networks.

The BandLab Technologies division will operate the main BandLab product, as well as digital audio workstation Cakewalk and the recently acquired ReverbNation direct-to-fan platform. Meanwhile, the Vista Musical Instruments division will bring together the various musical instrument companies and brands BandLab has acquired in recent years, including Mono, Harmony, Heritage Guitars and Teisco, as well as instrument seller Swee Lee.

And then there’s NME Networks, the group’s media division, which relaunched under that name last month. As well as NME itself, NME Networks also encompasses the music titles Uncut, MusicTech and

Confirming all this, the founder and boss of what is now the Caldecott Music Group, Meng Ru Kuok, says: “From our unique vantage point here in Singapore, our brands have seen massive growth globally in terms of community, traffic, and sales across the board. I truly could not be prouder of our team. Now is the time to build on the foundation we have formed for over nearly a decade”.

Talking of that team, the company has also announced some appointments at the newly formed parent company, including Ivan Chen as Group Chief Operating Officer, Grace Chong as Group Chief Financial Officer, Krystle Hall as Group Chief Brand Officer, and Laurent Le Graverend as Group Chief Technology Officer.

Kuok adds: “I cannot wait to watch as our people and brands flourish within this new structure, supporting and fuelling creativity to uphold our singular vision of connecting the world of music and providing more opportunities for creators, fans, and the music industry at large. The best part is that we’re still just getting started”.