Press Clipping
BandLab adds distribution service and fan subscriptions

Revelator is a blockchain-based digital asset management and distribution platform for creative intellectual property.

With BandLab Distribution, independent artists will now be able to distribute the music to other platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, among others. The service will open up to the BandLab community, bringing accessible, affordable distribution plans to independent artists worldwide via both desktop and mobile.

“Our vision is to unite the entire creator journey in one place, from making a track to finding the people it resonates with, and finally to taking it out into the world, which will allow many creators to begin to earn a living for the first time,” BnadLab CO Meng Ru Kuok said. “We want creators to have one place they can go to make music, with professional-quality tools and services, but at a price point and with terms that reflect our truly international user base.”

Additionally, the company will start paid subscription plans for fans called BandLab Subscriptions, which will enable users to offer exclusive content, including posts, videos and audio tracks, to fans for a monthly fee. The service lets artists keep 100% of subscription fees, with regular monthly payouts from BandLab.

Kuok added: “We want to help artists monetise more. We're creating a regular income stream, recurring revenue that can help them build a living based on their music. We already offered creators a Tip Jar feature, to let fans reward creators they loved, and Albums, which let artists sell tracks directly to their fans, but these are one-time opportunities. Now we're building out a sustainable way to guarantee regular revenue streams and thus support a stronger creator economy.”

BandLab Subscription and Distribution are in early access and will be expanded in the coming months. Interested BandLab users can sign up for the service here(link is external).