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BandLab launches two new features that let creators better distribute and monetise their music

BandLab users will soon be able to distribute their music onto major streaming services and start paid subscription plans for fans.

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BandLab Subscriptions will let users offer exclusive content – including posts, videos, and audio tracks – to fans for a monthly fee. The service lets artists keep 100 per cent of subscription fees, with regular monthly payouts from BandLab.


BandLab Subcriptions
Image: BandLab

BandLab Distribution will let independent artists self-distribute their music onto “every major music platform” – including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and TikTok – at what BandLab says will be an affordable rate.

The service was created in collaboration with Revelator, a digital music asset platform which champions the self-ownership of a musician’s work, rights and data.

“Our vision is to unite the entire creator journey in one place, from making a track to finding the people it resonates with, and finally to taking it out into the world, which will allow many creators to begin to earn a living for the first time,” said Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab CEO, in a statement.

BandLab has been steadily expanding its suite of features to offer artists more ways to create regular revenue streams. Last year, it launched Albums, which lets artists sell their music, keep 100 per cent of their earnings and retain ownership of their work.

“We want creators to have one place they can go to make music, with professional-quality tools and services, but at a price point and with terms that reflect our truly international user base,” Kuok said.

Both BandLab Subscription and Distribution are currently in early access and will be expanded upon in the coming months. You can sign up for early access to BandLab Distribution here.