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Lex Luger’s free sample pack on BandLab Sounds features hip-hop drums, keys and pads

BandLab has teamed up with Platinum producer Lex Luger to release the Lex Luger BandLab Sounds pack for free.

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The Jay-Z, Kanye West and Snoop Dogg producer has included 30 loops and 69 one-shot samples in his BandLab Sounds pack, all geared towards hip-hop and trap music. This includes processed TR-808-style drum hits, constructor kits, pads, keys and more.


Speaking on the creation of the sounds, Lex Luger said: “I’m basically taking sounds that I have used in the past. I tweak and stack them, record sounds like water dripping and other stuff outside, then put it into the drum and use crazy plugins to make them sound insane, but still have that trap sound. This style is still thriving like it was in 2011, 2010, or even earlier. It’s really dope. I love it. That’s what inspired me to make this kit.”


Lex Luger’s BandLab Sounds pack is royalty-free and distribution-ready, meaning you can use the samples in your personal or commercial productions for free. BandLab says that its app’s purpose is to provide high-quality music creation tools to help its users “level up their professional production skills, collaborate with other talented artists, grow their fanbases, and generate income.”

BandLab Sounds hosts more than 15,000 other free samples, including sounds from MusicTech’s back catalogue. These sounds are curated by genre, style and artist, and can be edited within BandLab before you download them. You can also load the pack into the new BandLab Sampler to create new ideas on your phone or in your browser. BandLab’s latest video shows you how to use the Sampler:

“Our mission to break down technical, geographic, and creative barriers in the worldwide music community resonates with many professionals,” says BandLab CEO Meng Ru Kuok. “Just as Lex Luger’s musical roots show, you don’t need to spend thousands on equipment. With the right tools, inspiration, and a supportive community, artists everywhere can flourish.”

Download the Lex Luger sample pack at