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BandLab 10.0 Gets Built-in Sampler & Online Mastering Improvements

DAW BandLab developers have released an updated version of BandLab 10.0. The new version has a built-in sampler and improved functions of the mastering service.

The main innovation of BandLab 10.0 is the appearance of a full-fledged sampler. The Sampler module will allow you to record audio, as well as import video and audio files for use as samples. A library of 15,000 free sounds in various genres and styles is available to users.

The built-in editor is equipped with functions for changing the length, Trigger section (works in Gate, One-shot and Loop modes), settings for attack, decay and timbre of the audio file. Additionally, there are options for normalizing, cropping and inverting samples, applying color coding and grouping. For each sample, a quick action bar is available to adjust the pitch, volume, and panning of the audio file.

BandLab 10.0 Sampler
Sampler BandLab 10.0 Sampler
Another important innovation is the changes to the BandLab Mastering automatic mastering service. The developers note that the algorithms for the service were developed in collaboration with the Grammy winners Mike Tucci and Justus West. The updated mastering function works up to 10 times faster in comparison with competing services, according to BandLab.

Four presets are available to users for work: Universal, Fire, Clarity, Tape. Each preset has a different processing applied and produces different final results.

According to BandLab Technologies CEO Myung Ru Kwok, the emergence and development of the mastering service was a response to the proliferation and popularization of online music mastering tools like LANDR and eMastered , and the company aimed to provide users with the simplest possible use case.

In addition to this, BandLab 10.0 offers TikTok integration and Mix Editor improvements. According to developer representatives, users have been asking to add TikTok integration to the program for several months, so the company has implemented the opportunity first.

BandLab 10.0 built-in online mastering
Built-in mastering function
As for the changes in the Mix Editor, it got a simpler and more intuitive interface. Changes include an updated timeline and settings menu, easier access to the MIDI quantize function and the effects section. The developers also redesigned the user profile page and added a dark interface mode to the program.

BandLab 10.0 is already available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Users of the online version of the DAW can access the new features by going to the program's official website .

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