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BandLab 10.0

BandLab 10.0 is the latest update for the free online DAW that was conjured from the ashes of Cakewalk SONAR. It brings notable new features – you can now access a sampler to quickly record your own sounds or import audio files. The associated mastering service also gets some improvements. Oh, and v10 has export to TikTok, too, if that’s your thing.

BandLab 10.0
BandLab is a free DAW that you can open in your browser, install on desktop computers, and use as a mobile app. In addition to cross-platform operation, collaboration is also in the foreground – you can involve up to 50 people per project.

The latest update gives even more options with the new sampler. It lets you record your own sounds or import them from audio and video files. You also get access to the ever-growing library of BandLab Sounds. You can also use the included editor to make the most important settings – such as decide whether it is a loop, a one-shot, or a gate sample that’s playing. You can also normalize, crop, and play the sample backwards. A simple envelope and a few other parameters (pitch and panorama) are also available. Here, too, the idea of ​​working across platforms plays a major role. What you record on the go with your smartphone, you can later edit on the desktop and use it as a sampler instrument. Cool!

BandLab 10 Sampler
BandLab 10 Sampler

Improved mastering
BandLab Mastering – its own online mastering service – is also revised. Not only the look is new, but also the mastering algorithms that work under the hood. They were optimized in collaboration with Grammy-winning mastering engineers. You can use the mastering engine for your projects directly in the browser. Different settings can be previewed on a small loop. The update brings four new mastering algorithms – Universal, Fire, Clarity and Tape. In addition, the engine should work up to ten times faster than other online mastering services.

BandLab 10 Mastering
Mastering in BandLab 10

Further improvements
The Mix Editor has a new interface with workflow improvements. Since BandLab also works like a community, there are a few refinements in these areas as well. These concern the page for your profile, the new project page, and the option to upload audio directly to TikTok. The complete changelog is available here.