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BandLab 10.0: Sampler and mastering update for the free online DAW

BandLab 10.0 is the latest update for the online DAW and brings a few new features and improvements. You can now access a sampler with which you can quickly record your own sounds or import audio files. And the associated mastering service is also getting some improvements. The online community is happy about the TikTok integration.

BandLab 10.0
BandLab is still a basically free DAW that you can use either via the browser or with an app for iOS and Android devices . In addition to the idea of working across platforms , collaboration is also in the foreground. So you can involve up to 50 people per project. From the recording to the mix to the finished song - with BandLab you should be able to do this from anywhere. According to their own statement, over 37 million people use BandLab, that sounds impressive!

Yeah, a sampler!
The latest update wants to give you even more options for this. This includes the new sampler . Record your own sounds anywhere, or import them from audio files and even videos. Logical: You also get access to the ever-growing library of BandLab Sounds . You can use the associated editor to make the most important settings. So you decide, for example, whether it is a loop, a one-shot or a gate sample(plays as long as a note is held). You can also normalize, trim and play the sample backwards. A simple envelope and a few other parameters (pitch or panorama) are also available. And here, too, the idea of ​​working across platforms plays a major role. What you record on the go with your smartphone, you can later edit on the desktop and use it as a sampler instrument . Cool!

BandLab 10.0 sampler
BandLab 10.0 sampler

Improved mastering
BandLab Mastering - its own online mastering service - has also been revised for the update. Not only the look is new, but also the mastering algorithms that work under the hood. They were optimized in collaboration with Grammy-ennobled mastering engineers. You can use the mastering engine for your projects directly in the browser and thus save yourself the upload and download.

You can try out different settings on a small loop. With Universal, Fire, Clarity and Tape , you also get four new mastering algorithms . In addition, according to BandLab, the engine should work up to ten times faster than comparable products. I will definitely try that out in the near future!

BandLab mastering
BandLab mastering

Further improvements
Further optimizations take care of the Mix Editor , which should now convince with a new interface and workflow improvements . Since BandLab also works like a community, there are a few refinements in these areas as well. These concern the page for your profile, the new project page or the option to upload audio directly to TikTok .

The last-mentioned feature in particular was at the top of users' wish lists. Makes sense with a DAW that is used as an app on the go. Because sometimes it's just a matter of quickly making a beat that can be used for a small video. And with BandLab you get enough functions for professional sounding results.

You can find more information about the BandLab 10.0 update here .